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Increíbles dibujos hechos con sal

Desde animales detallados hasta retratos perfectos de los personajes de Game of Thrones. ¡Todo con sal!

Sus obras muestran una perfección y un detallismo impresionantes. Parecen dibujadas con tinta o con tiza blanca sobre un fondo negro. Pero no, las obras de arte de Dino Tomic están hechas completamente con sal de cocina. Para hacer esos mandalas impresionantes, aquel caballo con sombras espectaculares y el tigre sumamente realista, Tomic puede tardar hasta 5 días.

Sus temáticas no tienen límites, pasa del dibujo de una rosa perfecta a el retrato de los personajes de Game of Thrones. Y, evidentemente, no hay ninguno que le salga mal. ¡Son todos increíbles! Pueden seguir sus obras en Instagram.  


Horse made with SALT Im continuing my salt experimentation – and it really seems that you can do anything with salt – with some practice ( and many many years with art experience/ knowledge in the background hehe ) Lately i have been doing these gigantic salt mandalas on public places – was good to work alone in peace and quiet on a smaller scale again =) Like always i have filmed the whole process and will edit the video soon =) I know im writing always so much on most of my posts and i know not everyone is reading it ( those are the people who normally ask a question – wile the detailed answer is already provided in the description ) so lets see how many of you are reading what i write! Just for fun , write in the comment section your favorite vegetable haha ( that should really confuse all the non description readers ) XD

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Large Salt Mandala Today i have finished my largest salt mandala project yet. I worked non stop for the last 3 days to finish it – about 25 hours of work . This project has been done for the university HSN Notodden where i took my education 7 years ago. The doors to the school are open so that everyone can go in and out to check it out =D This mandala will be there the next 2 weeks , and than i will destroy it =) I cant help but think – is this maybe the worlds largest salt mandala ever created ? ( i know people are doing them with sand/ and colored powder – but i have never seen any large once with salt =) The whole process was live streamed on my youtube channel – so thank you all for hanging out with me =) It was amazing talking to all the people, and tiring at the same time – at one point i had the live stream on , a time lapse camera on , a 360 camera in the middle on , newspaper interview – a tv camera and a lot of bystanders at the same time =D talk about multitasking haha =D Now my neck and brain need a break. In 6 days i will start another large mandala almost as big as this one in the middle of the town center =)

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Salt Portraits of the Game of Thrones cast Here is the newest large salt creation from me =) Last time i did 1 portrait with salt so i figured why not make 5 this time =D This took me way more than expected , and it was also a lot harder then the previous one. The biggest problem i had was when i would finished the first portrait and start on the second one and than go back to the first one to retouch some parts, the second one would be in the way. Also the smaller you make them the harder it gets to work with salt – its really not a fine medium to work with =) By now im sure you all know what happens at the end of a salt drawing like this 😉 and yes i once again have a video of the whole process + the removal of all portraits =) Will start editing the video when i get some spare time =) right now im working a lot on the prints that you will be able to buy – if all falls into place the first one should be out for sale tomorrow =D I know i dont show a lot of teaser of all of my work ( like many other do ) , but thats why i have snapchat 😉

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Daenerys Salt portrait The whole portrait here was done using nothing else but normal kitchen salt! =) This is the very first time im doing a portrait with salt ( this is my third salt creation -did two large mandalas last week ) Really interesting and fun medium to work with . It really resembles airbrushing ( i was working with airbrush about 5 years ago ) so it was really not that hard to get into the salt =D After i crafted a few tools to help me distribute salt , things where way easier to work with =D I also have a video from start to finish of this project that i will share with you soon =) As wee all know GoT is starting again in a few days – and the internet will be flooded with fan made artwork – ( like every year ) so let me be one of the first once this year =D

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Large Mandala made with Salt First of all i would like to thank you all for the overwhelming response /comments on my drawings yesterday. So many heartwarming comments and so much love given!I have read all comments on all my pages at least twice – thank you all! You guys are the best !! me and my family really appreciate it! As you can see i finished another salt mandala – i like to work a lot when i want to take my mind of things and get distracted , and with recent events i really needed that a lot. This one is way bigger and way more detailed and also more accurate than the first one i did the other day. Im still not that happy with the final result , but i do know what i have to do /change/ do different on the next one. 1. : I need to get a larger surface so i can make a even bigger one. 2. : I need to make more tools to help me do different patterns . 3. : Get better and finer salt to work with Also this post here is my 1000 post on instagram – i cant believe how time flies . I have been there for the last 4 years or so and updated my instagram almost daily – i have even been longer on facebook and deviantart where the number on drawings is even higher that i have uploaded =) My appreciation is endless to how much support i have gotten all these years, it really helped trough all the ruff periods in my life. Special thanks to the people who have followed me the longest and liked, commented and supported me from the beginning =D Stay creative my friends! Dino Tomic

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Inverted SALT eye The picture you see here is the “normal“ not inverted version of an eye done entirely with regular kitchen salt on a black carpet if you look at my profile and see the second post you can see the inverted version . The reverse colors effect shows what the original picture really is =) If you dont believe me find an app/ program and invert the image yourself and see what happens =) Its hard to be the first at something , but im very very sure that no one has ever done something like this before =D Im all about pushing , wwwing and experimenting with new things – wanted to give it a go and see what i could do if i would combine the two techniques i practice =) The eye you might also recognize , its my own eye – and i used it for a art competition once few years back ( it was drawing hundreds of times buy some of the most incredible artist ) Im gonna take some more time and try to do a cool video where i switch from filming regularly to inverted while i work so that you can see the magic happen right in front of you =)

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