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20 años sin Diana

Celebridades de todo el mundo homenajearon a «Lady Di», conocida como «la princesa del pueblo», a 20 años de su accidente.

Ayer se hicieron 20 años de que la Princesa Diana – conocida por muchos como Lady Di – falleció en un accidente de auto en el túnel Pont de l’Alma en París. Es emocionante ver la huella que dejó esa mujer en el mundo y en las personas que la llegaron a conocer. Reina de la moda y musa de varios diseñadores reconocidos, Diana es recordada además por la cantidad de accionares solidarios que realizó desde su lugar como Princesa.

Esta semana, sus hijos Prince William and Prince Harry le rindieron homenaje en un jardín creado especialmente para ella en el palacio de Kensington. Asimismo, allí se está realizando una exposición de los vestidos y trajes más icónicos que llevó en su vida pública. Hace un mes, salió al aire el documental «Diana, nuestra madre»; donde hablaron por primera vez sus hijos describiendo a Diana como madre y contando sus trabajos humanitarios.

Para conmemorar a «la princesa del pueblo», muchas celebridades compartieron imágenes y textos en sus redes sociales:

20 years ago today @isabelhalleyceramics and I were waiting in the car at a tag sale when we heard the news on the radio and ran screaming to find her mother. To little girls everywhere, Diana was an object of fascination and not just because she was a princess- she projected a kind of ambition and hunger to be heard, seen and understood in her totality. I think her expression in this picture tells that story, that the tiara is not enough. Her mystique, beauty and longing made her a beautifully complex figure to adore and I wish we could have seen her next phase and heard from her about the pressures and expectations of the rigid role she was assigned. She would have enlightened us.

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I met her Royal Highness, Princess Diana when I was shooting the sequel to A Fish Called Wanda. The truth is I didn’t meet her. She was to visit our set deep in the gardens of Pinewood Studios with her children and we waited for her all morning and then when we took a break midday, I raced via golf cart to my dressing room to use the restroom. While I was in there someone came knocking on my door saying that Princess Diana and her children had arrived on set and as I raced back in the golf cart, they were already walking away. The next day I wrote her a note explaining my nature break and how disappointed I was not to tell her, in person, how much I admired her. A hand delivered letter from Kensington Palace, on her stationary, came the next day thanking me for mine and understanding completely the need for nature to take it’s course. We exchanged a hope that we would get to meet in the future. Later that summer I heard about her shocking death. I remember turning off the television knowing what the media was going to do. I picked up a book on meditation which was next to my bed by Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfeld. In it it said that at the time of death, people who try to live mindfully, ask themselves only two questions. Did I learn to live wisely? Did I love well? I thought about her and her life and the choices she made and how brave she was, how she reached out to that young man with AIDS before anyone did, the mine fields, mental health and so much more and how much she loved her children, the image of them running into her outstretched arms after a long trip. It gave me comfort that although her life was short, it was complete. She was a great role model for me. An example to live by. I honor her this day.

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